Welcome to the Performing Arts Guild of Orange County

The Performing Arts Guild of Orange County (PAGOC) was founded and built on the belief that the major performing arts (music, theater, dance, etc…) are a vital necessity in our communities and that the opportunity to study these disciplines should not be limited due to one’s financial or physical challenges. Our instructors, contributors, and all members affiliated with the Guild, strongly believe that the ability to study the arts can enrich and shape people of all ages/lives. It is our opinion that the publicly funded sector has fallen short in providing adequate and accessible training in these disciplines and that the private sector (being profit driven) have excluded and out priced alternative options for many families. Our mission is to develop and create a full functioning facility to serve the underprivileged and disabled families in our local communities. This unique facility with its strategic self sustaining business model will act as a platform to provide innovative and affordable training for all of the major performing arts. Our hope is to expand our existing programs in other communities of need and to secure a larger facility to support the growing number of programs and families we serve.



The Guild staff is dedicated to providing your family a safe and fun learning environment. Our music lessons are personalized and catered to help students maximize their potential and reach their own personal goals. We realize that every student is different and feel that it is our responsibility to create/adopt a program that best suits the student’s individual needs. All of our instructors are degreed professionals from some of the top universities. They volunteer their services to the Guild because they strongly believe in our mission and that the opportunity for professional instruction should not be restricted by one’s financial or physical challenges. We offer private and group lessons to children and their families on the following instruments: GUITAR, PIANO, VOICE, DRUMS, BASS, VIOLIN, VIOLA, SAXOPHONE, CLARINET, MANDOLIN, AND BANJO. Please feel free to give our staff a call if you have any questions about getting started.



Under the direction of our dance coordinator, Rocio Cruz, the Guild is proud to offer a variety of dance classes to suit the needs of children of all ages and abilities. Our main goal is to provide safe, fun, and affordable instruction to children in our local communities. We focus on creating an environment where our students develop self esteem, self confidence, fitness, and a love of the art. We take our responsibility as a teacher/mentor very seriously and do everything we can to ensure our studio provides a positive experience for all participants. We offer private and small group classes (4-8 persons) to all Guild members in the following genres: BALLET, HIP HOP, JAZZ, TAP, AND MUCH MORE.

Rock School

The Performing Arts Guild of Orange County is proud to present to our patrons our OnStage Rock School performance training course. This exciting program will excel our performance minded students to the next level. Our students will have the opportunity to track and perform some of rock’s greatest hits. Our instructors will help the students develop an understanding of song structure and modern pop forms while the students exercise their own creativity. At the end of this course, students will perform live at our winter concert.