Featured Instructor

Steve Strombeck (PAGOC Director and Guitar Instructor)

Steven M. Strombeck is a classically trained guitarist and an internationally recognized composer for the guitar. In early 2000, he won 2nd place in the Shoshin European competition for the best new classical guitar miniatures. He received his AA degree from SAC and continued his undergraduate work at CSUF under the direction of renowned classical guitarist David Grimes. He has been an active performer and educator in Southern CA for almost two decades. Currently, he is the director and head guitar instructor at The Performing Arts Guild of Orange County (PAGOC). This award winning school has produced several fine musicians and has enriched the lives of countless children. His programs have been acknowledged and praised for the positive effects that it has brought to the communities of Orange County. Steven teaches several styles of music including rock/pop, classical, blues, jazz, progressive metal, and worship.

His goal as an educator is to provide a safe and positive environment where he can help students reach their personal goals and maximize their potential. He strongly believes that every student is completely different and there is no perfect curriculum for learning. He creates a personalized curriculum for each student based on their goals, natural abilities, and commitment. He sincerely recognizes that working at the student’s pace is the best way to ensure a productive and positive learning atmosphere. There are four simple elements required to help your child reach their goals: a positive learning environment, a supportive teacher, a patient student, and consistent practice.