Trevor Brown

Trevor Brown, international recording artist, and lead singer for The Black Pony is one of the hardest working, most talented students we’ve had the opportunity to work with. From Menudo, to Nickelodeon, to international acclaim, he just keeps soaring.

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Hannah Sullivan

Disney host, singer, actress, and screenwriter Hannah Sullivan is a quadruple threat. At 16, she already is a veteran in the entertainment world and continues to shine.

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Christopher Strombeck

Classical guitar prodigy Christopher Strombeck wins 1st place at the 2010 ASTA Southern CA championship competition at the impressive age of 13.

Samantha Smith

Sam is one of the most talented 16 year old that you will ever encounter. She is so young, and yet already performing at a professional level. She has been a Guild student since 2005.

Singer/songwriter Samantha Smith is young but her lyrics have a maturity beyond her 16 years. Her voice has a soulful reminiscent of Jewel and Sarah McLachlan. Samantha performs on piano and guitar, her songs evoking strong emotions with beautiful melodies and poignant lyrics. Playing piano since age 8, and guitar from age 11, she composes and performs original music but also sprinkles her favorite classic rock cover songs into her live sets at restaurants as well as private parties.

Jared Machado

12 year old vocalist, Jared Machado and his band Enforced win first place at 2011 Tustin Battle of the Bands.

Dakota Wade

Dakota is the lead singer for the 2009 PAGOC Touring Band. This talented 16 year old is absolutely star bound. She has the talent, heart, and discipline to acheive all of her goals. We have had the pleasure of advancing her musical education since 2006. Dakota, a 16-year-old award winning singer/songwriter, won First Place in the 2007 American Idol Undetground competition. She was the youngest winner in all the genres including Pop, Rock & Country and won $5,000 cash and other great prizes.


In addition to being the lead singer/songwriter of a teen rock band, Dakota is also an actress and recently completed a Disney pilot. She trains at the Young Actors Academy in L.A. and has been lead in numerous shows including Maria in Sound of Music. Dakota has been in the studio working with top writer/producers Danielle Brisebois and Wayne Wilkins, who also produced Natasha Bedingfield (“Unwritten”, “These Words”) and many other top recording artists. Dakota is not only singing but also co-writing with Danielle and Wayne.


Dakota was named in the May 2007 edition of AMERICAN IDOL magazine as one of the”best emerging artists of 2006″ for American Idol Underground. Dakota has won numerous other songwriting awards including two “Suggested Artist” and three “Honorable Mentions” in the worldwide songwriting competition, “Song of the Year.” Dakota performs in popular L.A. venues like the Rainbow Room, the Pig n Whistle and Universal City Walk.

Charlene Geisler

Our teachers have had the opportunity to work with Charlene since she was five years old. We have been very fortunate to watch her grow as an artist. She is a true stand out. Her maturity and acting skills are far beyond her years.